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Former Virginia Tech Quarterback, Michael Brewer, Q&A Continued

Brewer talks about injuries, rehab, and a bucket list achievement.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Virginia Tech Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

This is the second in a three part series with former Virginia Tech quarterback, Michael Brewer. Brewer had some big wins at Virginia Tech, and is a passionate outdoorsman. Gobbler Country caught up with Brewer, to find out what the Texan is up to after leaving Blacksburg.

Gobbler Country: When you went down against the Buckeyes, did you immediately know it was serious? How healthy did you feel when you returned?

Michael Brewer: When I hit the ground against Ohio State I was in a lot of pain, I knew it was serious. It was definitely hard to deal with after all of the work I put in for that senior season. After surgery I immediately started rehabbing the next day and did my best to prepare for each game as a coach to help our team each week. Unfortunately I was never 100% healthy that year besides the first half of that Ohio State game. That’s football though, sometimes you have to play hurt.

Gobbler Country: Brenden Motley did admirable work in your absence. How did you help prepare him for game day?

Michael Brewer: Motley was such a good teammate and friend on and off the field. I really admired how he handled everything during his time at Virginia Tech. He was a guy that was always ready when his number was called. I thought he came in to a difficult situation and played really well in 2015. I just tried to be a coach out there for him, as he did for me while I was playing. It is always helpful to have another quarterback on the sidelines that knows the offense and has game experience. We worked together that year regardless of who was playing.

Gobbler Country: What outdoors’ achievement are you most proud of?

Michael Brewer: It’s hard to describe one specific outdoors experience I am most proud of, but most outdoorsmen have bucket list items that they would like to one day achieve. The most recent bucket list item I have achieved was In July of 2014, when I caught a 150lb tarpon in the Florida Keys.

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