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The Hokies Inch Up One in the AP Poll to 14 but Jump 3 to 14 in the Coaches Poll

Virginia Tech was idle for the weekend, and as the poll numbers changed, and swirled around them, the Hokies only inch up one.

The line Gets Set, audibles are called
John Schneider - SB Nation

The NCAA 1A Rankings for Week 7 (or 8 depending on how you count it) are out. The AP Poll shows some serious movement in some sectors and some inexplicable lack of much movement in others. As we all expected Tech remains relatively stable notching up one place to #14, but Clemson only drops 5 to #7 - even with Kelly Bryant taking a potential multi-game injury hit (and Bryant’s nearly their entire offense). As expected as well, the Miami fan brigade in the media has pushed the Hurricanes into the #8 position even though they barely squeaked by their second opponent, unranked Georgia Tech (logic flees in the face of the fumes of fandom).

The coaches were a little bit less charitable to Clemson, dropping them to 8th with the Hurricanes topping them by one at 7. Tech jumped up three to occupy 14 in that poll as well.

Who knew we’d be challenging the top 10? Lots of folks in Hokie Nation expected that Tech would take a step back. Well that West Virginia win to start the season wasn’t inconsequential, now. Their in the top 25 for both polls with their win on Saturday. We have a chance to push up a few notches over the next couple of games, but there won’t be much change until we take the field in Coral Gables. Lots could happen between then and now.

It’s getting interesting, and it’s sort of exciting for the unexpected Virginia Tech Hokies to be right on the edge of it all. We were supposed to be re-tooling and living with some mediocrity. It doesn’t look like the players and coaches got that message, does it? Number 14 looks pretty good to me!