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Virginia Tech football: Gobbler Country Staff Picks

North Carolina comes to town. Find out the G.C. forecast here!

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Florida State Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Johnson (6-0)

The Tar Heels have played a few decent teams close (California, Louisville, and UVA), but have largely been beat up on by conference foes. Between the off field issues and talent loss from last year UNC is simply not in a place to compete in the ACC. The only way the Hokies drop this game is if they play four full sloppy quarters. I don't expect any fireworks like we saw against ECU, but I also don't expect VT to be as flat as they were against BC. After this trip to Blacksburg the Heels will take their seventh loss and watch bowl season from the comfort of their couches. Hokies win, 35-17.

Josh Schneider (6-0)

I hate it when we're facing such a huge spread. I know we had a bye week and I know UNC this year is somehow more terrible than drinking lukewarm tap water during the summer, but I don't know if the slow starts and the weird playcalling and the inconsistency of this offense can keep up...normally. Yeah. I feel awkward about this. I can't see deep into things here, but I'll stay Tech clinches bowl eligibility but doesn't beat the spread, 31-14.

Jawhar Ali (6-0)

The Tar Heels came into the season with lowered expectations after losing most of their core on offense, and still have struggled to meet them. The Hokies, at home, should have no trouble with them on Homecoming weekend. However, UNC has shown the ability to play teams tough this season, which makes me a little more wary of this game, but not wary enough. WR Cam Phillips against CB MJ Stewart will be the key matchup to watch, given that Cam used to bye week to recover to 100%.

Hokies 38-17

John Schneider (5-1)

This is supposed to be easy. That's the rub. Larry Fedora has had an absolutely awful season, and last week's loss to UVA in what proved to be one of the worst played football games of the season, to date (on both sides, BTW) has probably been with him the entire week like food poisoning. Carolina's defense is woeful, and it's offense is only marginally good. That means digging up an old saying from the Beamer Era. "They'll git after ya...." There is no way that the Tar Heels come in to Lane stadium without a serious impulse to create mayhem and spoil a Hokie victory and early bowl eligibility, along with a #14 ranking that would plummet to the well of indignities if we lost to a 1-6 team. Fuente and company have to fight off a case of the "stales" from the bye week. They also have to vaccinate the team against "this one is easy" complacency. The Hokies will most probably win this one and might even beat the 22 point spread. Or we can start slow... AGAIN... and struggle... I expect the slow start, but not the struggle; 38 - 10 Hokies.

Roy Hatfield (5-1)

This has the faint aroma of a look ahead. The Hokies need to start quickly (haven’t seen that in awhile) to set the tone. North Carolina and Larry Fedora have a ton to play for, but so do we. Georgia Tech looms, as well as Miami. I still like the Hokies, but they won’t cover. 31-19 Hokies.