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Virginia Tech Hokies Inch up one in both AP and Coaches Poll to 13

The Virginia Tech Hokies inch up one notch in both Polls. That puts all four ranked ACC teams in the top 15 of both. Hokie Nation should be proud, few expected this sort of performance. GO HOKIES!!!

Ricky Walker scores his first touchdown ever
John Schneider - SB Nation

The polls are out, and as is usual, no matter how big the win we have and small other may have, we just inch along. The Virginia Tech Hokies get just a tiny bit more respect; one place, than they had last week. Other movement in the polls was just Notre Dame which broke into the top 10 at 9 and 10 respectively. NC State is just behind us at 14/15.

That means that the ACC has all four ranked teams in the top 15 of the Coaches Poll just as we head into the “Fake Playoff” ratings period. Clemson is 7th, Miami is 8th, the Hokies are 13th, and the Wolf Pack is 15th. That means that no one in the ACC is really in contention for the semi-phony invitation only contest for New Years’ Week, but we sure look like we are a strong winning conference that will guarantee recruiting interest, some pro draft notes, and more importantly for the Athletic Fund coffers primo bowl bids.

I’d say that Tech deserves better, and Miami doesn’t deserve to be ranked as high, but that’ll have to wait for a couple of weeks, and we have to prove ourselves on the field as visitors to a stadium that is notorious for being a difficult loose turfed swamp.

Tech has lots to work on. The Offensive coaching staff is still struggling with appropriate play calling, game planning, and in game adjustments. We still start too slow and put too much pressure on the defense for too long. The Offense is still having issues with receiving (way too many drops and way too many useless go no where bubble screens), and run blocking. The defense is solid, but still cannot cover running quarterbacks, which is a chronic Bud Foster foible that seems to be related to his unwillingness to “key” offensive players. No one is going to complain about the Pride and Joy Squad for most things, but Joey is still struggling. He pushed a long kick that was otherwise “there” except that it was to the right of the right upright about 6 inches. Joey needs to get that kick inside the goal posts or it’s going to be the difference in a critical game; guaranteed.

Overall, Hokie Nation should be proud. This was supposed to be a drop back and retool year with a mostly new offense, and significant experience losses on both lines. Well, it doesn’t seem that this particular team is going to agree with the “retooling means fewer wins” sort of philosophy. This team may not have much in the way of a characteristic signature. There don’t seem to be any real “super stars” or dominant players. The 2017 Virginia Tech Hokies all seem to be adopting the #LPD sort of “bring the can to work and never quit until the last whistle goes off” mentality; on both sides of the Line.

Maybe we need a new hash tag and a new pail, just for the entire team; #LPT for Lunch Pail Team. That’s not artful, but it’s what this entire football team exudes.


John Schneider - SB Nation