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Virginia Tech Football: Duke Market Watch

For the value minded fan, this is your game!

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Virginia Tech v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

I was enjoying a nice Saturday watching the Virginia Tech Hokies destroying the North Carolina Tar Heels. One thing kind of disappointed me. The corner of the east stands was practically empty. There also seemed to be plenty of room in the south end zone. I get that North Carolina isn’t the Clemson Tigers, but sheesh, it was homecoming.

That being said, there are only two home games remaining on the 2017 slate. The Duke Blue Devils are coming to town, and you can go to the game on the cheap. On , tickets can be had for as little as $39. That is crazy low to see a top 25 team play a conference game. If you have a little more dough, you can snag a CLUB SEAT for $200. If you prefer outdoor seating, you can sit about 20 rows from the field on the fifty for around $75. Folks, now is the time to buy! I haven’t seen prices this low in recent memory.