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Virginia Tech football: Halloween and Duke Scare Me

Forget Pennywise. These Devils should put fear in your heart.

Pennywise the Clown Mural Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

The Virginia Tech Hokies host the Duke Blue Devils tomorrow. At time of writing, the Hokies are a 16 point favorite. Why should this concern you? First of all, the visitors have won the past four contests. That’s a bit unusual, but the combined four games were settled by a combined nine points. Did I mention that in the past four games, at least one of the opponents was ranked? Hmmm. The Devils are currently on a four game losing skid. They will be gunning for the Hokies in order to gain bowl eligibility.

The Virginia Tech Hokies won impressively last week, but there were some definite question marks on offense. There is rain in the forecast, we are heavy favorites, all of this concerns me. Our running game has struggled, and David Cutcliffe wants it to rain as much I want my hair back. This will slow the game down, which benefits Duke. The Hokies in 2016 were an 11 point favorite. Didn’t cover. In 2015, the Hokies were a 3 point favorite. Didn’t cover. In 2014, the Hokies did cover, upsetting the 19th ranked Devils by a single point. In 2013, the Hokies were a twelve point favorite, and lost the game by three. If you are a Virginia Tech Hokie fan, don’t be scared of a red balloon this Halloween, be worried about the boys in the blue.