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The Justin Fuente to Florida Rumor Needs To Stop

Here are our 10 reasons why Fuente stays put.

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Jim McElwain is gone as the head man at Florida, and the internet has plenty to say about his potential replacement. One of the names appearing on many of the lists is currently coaching for the Virginia Tech Hokies. Justin Fuente is getting some run as a potential successor. Coach Fuente has had monster success in his first year and a half in Blacksburg. He was a hot commodity before the Hokies acquired him, and will continue to be so, if he keeps winning. When you see Fuente’s name listed as possible candidates, remember a few key points:

  1. The Hokies rewarded Fuente with an extension after taking Virginia Tech to an A.C.C. Championship in year one.
  2. Fuente has three young children, and moving is hard for everyone, even millionaires.
  3. Speaking of money, 3.2 million per year isn’t S.E.C. money, but expect Whit Babcock to counter if any serious offer was in play.
  4. The future couldn’t be brighter at quarterback, which is Fuente’s calling card.
  5. I can’t imagine Bud Foster wearing blue and orange, and he would be downgrading at defensive coordinator.
  6. The road to a natty in the S.E.C. still goes through Nick Saban, and nobody in their right mind truly “wants Bama”.
  7. There is no telling what Fuente could be walking into. Coach Frank Beamer transitioned wonderfully, and thus far, no skeletons have been unearthed.
  8. Miami is on the upswing, so recruiting in state isn’t as easy as when Urban was there. F.S.U. is having an atypical season, but is still a force in the state.
  9. The S.E.C. has lost a step for sure, but the Coastal affords an easier path to the playoff than the S.E.C. East.
  10. Fuente is year two of a rebuild. I hate to use the term rebuild, I like the word “upgrade” a bit better, but doing it again within two years seems daunting.

The road in Blacksburg is sunny and bright. There is a major thunderstorm brewing in Gainesville. Virginia Tech had the imagination and fortitude to ink Fuente, and now every major team is butt hurt. Justin Fuente is a Hokie, get over it. I’m just glad no other S.E.C. team might be interested in our guy....

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