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Virginia Tech football: Tennessee For Fuente?

The rumor mill got weird ya’ll. Fox “insider” Joel Klatt has Coach Fu in his top 3 to replace Butch Jones.

Tennessee v Florida Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The aftershocks of Georgia’s complete dismantling of Tennessee are continuing to reverberate. Some national pundits are already accepting the fact that Tennessee head coach, Butch Jones, will be let go at some point in the near future. Paul Finebaum is doing his best to stoke the fires (don’t forget Finebaum is a Tennessee alum). The usual talking heads are making the rounds on various platforms, and Joel Klatt put out his top three on Colin Cowherd’s talker on Fox. Klatt wasn’t the only person making a similar prediction:

This does not feel good at all. Tennessee has some mighty big pockets. There are these constant rumors that Gruden had the job prior to Jones, but couldn’t come to terms with assistant salaries. I’m not sure about that either. Fuente is so early on his rebuild at Virginia Tech, has already been given an extension, has small children, and the FULL FAITH of the administration. The more I read about Tennessee, I believe the problem starts at the highest of levels. My bet is Fuente is on the sidelines in Tallahassee when the Hokies face the Seminoles next season.