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Virginia Tech football: Gobbler Country Staff Picks

Can the Hokies rebound against Boston College?

NCAA Football: Boston College at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Bryan Manning (5-0)

The Hokies will get off to a slow start in this one. It’s been a season of slow starts on the offense for Tech and Chestnut Hill has sometimes been a tough place for the Hokies. Fortunately, BC has nothing on offense to make the Hokies pay and much like other recent games, Josh Jackson gets going late in the second quarter and Tech rolls to an easy win.VT 38 BC 10

Jawhar Ali (5-0)

The Hokies learned that they still have a ways to go to compete for the ACC crown last Saturday. They have an opportunity to start off their Coastal slate the right way against a Boston College team that can be dangerous. However, dangerous does not equate to good. Virginia Tech is stronger at nearly every position group. Meanwhile, the Eagles have struggled against teams like Northern Illinois, Wake Forest, and Notre Dame. Virginia Tech is better than that trio of teams. The one key matchup will be Harold Landry vs. Nijman and Kyle Chung. Landry can be a game-wrecker if given the chance to get consistent pressure off the edge, so the Hokies’ tackle tandem needs to hold up so Jackson can take advantage of an inconsistent BC defense.

Hokies 37-10.

Jay Johnson (5-0)

Last year the Hokies answered and disappointing loss to Tennessee with a complete shut out of Boston College, 49-0. I expect a similar performance from Virginia Tech. The Eagles are, in my opinion, a slightly better team than what they had last year, but still are not competitive against a team like the Hokies. Expect another slow offensive start from VPI, but the Hokies win 35-10.

Joshua Schneider (5-0)

I think the Hokies start, and stay, sluggish through most of the game until potentially late. But this BC team isn't any good and Foster would still love to rub Loeffler's face all over the turf. 30-13 Hokies with the kicker of 1 defensive or turnover created score.

John Schneider (4-1)

Last week I flipped a coin. I thought the game was going to be a 3 point difference with an over/under right around 50. Well, I got the over/under about right, but a couple of things fell one way instead of the other so the 3 point game didn't happen. Last year the Over/Under on the Boston College game was 49, with 100% of that 49 going to the Hokies. There's a big part of me that want to go with largely the same thing this season; but BC has a returner leading the league, but a pretty below average offense and a sputtering inconsistent defense. I think the story of Saturday evening will be the sputtering inconsistent BC defense versus the inconsistent streaky Tech offense. If BC gets stops and Tech looks like its running in surf, there will be no blowout, and we could look foolish if we aren't careful. Hokie D rallies the troops, and BC's interception prone QB gets pantsed. Tech goes to Chestnut Hill and works its way to a win. 35-10 Hokies.

Roy Hatfield (4-1)

I want Bud Foster to blitz the ever loving heck out of Scott Loeffler and B.C.. Alumni Stadium used to be a scary place to play. I used to have hair. Gas used to be .79 cents per gallon.. you get the drift. Expect Fuente to make a big statement against a team that wants no part of the Hokies. Virginia Tech 49 Boston College 15