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Virginia Tech Football : Gobbler Country Staff Picks

The Hokies are looking for some redemption this Saturday.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Bryan Manning (8-1)

The Virginia Tech Hokies lost their second game of the season last week to a good Miami team, eliminating them from ACC title contention. So this week’s battle at Georgia Tech doesn’t mean quite as much. But head coach Justin Fuente badly wants to avenge last season’s loss to the Jackets.

The Hokies have another sow start but the defense is ready for GT’s triple option. Bud Foster’s group does a good job of limiting the option and the offense takes flight in the second half.

Hokies 31 GT 20

Jawhar Ali (8-1)

I will be very interested to see how the Hokies come out on Saturday, having much less to play for compared to last week, and it is a noon game as opposed to an afternoon or night game. Georgia Tech is the type of team that can cause a lot of problems if you come out flat, as the option offense requires disciple and concentration. After last year’s disappointing performance against the Yellow Jackets, I think Fuente has the players focused and ready for Georgia Tech.

Hokies 30-21

John Schneider (7-2)

I have no clue. IF the defense adjusts, doesn't have any major breakdowns, like last year, and can slow the option like I described in the preview, well. Then Georgia Tech won't win because their defense isn't all that good this year. IF our offense plays ball, that is. This is nearly through the second season, and Justin Fuente's offenses haven't jelled, and for whatever reason the methodology of implementing a game plan isn't working, but the coaching staff isn't making adjustments. An aggressive passing offense moving the ball downfield and not wasting plays could put up 40+ points on the Georgia Tech defense. With Georgia Tech's offense every point that the offense can score will be precious and important. running 45 running plays in a game is cool. Averaging less than three yards a carry net, is not. The Hokies are not finishing drives, and scoring touchdowns when they are in the red zone. Someone told me that we were hiring new offensive minded coaches to fix that problem, because it was Frank's bugbear, too. I am hoping for a a win but expect a high scoring game to get it; 42-35 Hokies. (Warning: It could be 35-20 Georgia Tech with the Hokies only lighting fire too late in the game to do anything to stop the loss.)

Jay Johnson (7-2)

Georgia Tech is a good team that has suffered three fourth quarter collapses. The Hokies are more talented and should defeat the Yellow Jackets, but GT is desperate and that presents a danger. VT must refocus and return with tenacity after the Miami loss. I give the Hokies the benefit of the doubt but it’s close. VT wins 35-27.

Joshua Schneider (8-1 or something like that)

This game reeks of disappointment game. The Hokies showed exactly zero last week and this week could very will not be that different. You'd hope that after getting hammered last year at home while doing pretty much nothing it'd get the team up for this game, but I have a feeling we're going to see more of the same.

Georgia Tech 31- Virginia Tech 20

Roy Hatfield (7-2)

Georgia Tech has everything on the line in this one, and Virginia Tech may still be hung over from a tough battle against Miami. This is the first time in recent memory we haven’t had a bye prior to facing the Jackets. Georgia Tech has had injury issues at the quarterback position, but Joshua Jackson took a beating last week. This will be a slugfest, and low scoring. Hokies fall 24-18.