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Virginia Tech Hokies and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Duel; 14-9 GT

The expected fist fight has completed it’s first half, the teams are not liking each other much. Georgia Tech has broken a few big runs. Virginia Tech has started slow and stalled twice in the Red Zone. What else is new?

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It’s 14-9 Georgia Tech at the half, and the Hokie Defense has kept some semblance of cohesion but Georgia Tech is burning clock, and running enough that it’s broken a few big runs and converted a 4th down expected punt fake for 14 points.

Virginia Tech’s offense has slow started again, and is nearly ineffective on most plays. The red zone frustrations and inscrutable play calling continue.

The first quarter was more of the same for the Hokies. Great starts followed up by frustrating offensive stalls in the red zone. After the opening Georgia Tech drive was stuff effectively and the punt return nearly muffed, the Hokies moved the ball competently until there was a massive weird stall out forcing Joey to try his luck at a 40+ yard FG in the tricky wind. Virginia Tech ended up 3 for the first few minutes… and then disaster happened to the Defense on the first few plays of the next Georgia Tech Possession.

The story of the half is the field position trades and failure of the Hokie offense to take advantage of short fields and red zone scoring opportunities.

The 2nd quarter the Hokies and the Jackets traded touchdowns with some serious help from Travon McMillian’s huge kickoff return the GT 28. Receiver Sean Savoy does his own reverse on a Red Zone sweep to the short side, and then worked his way back to the wide side to score before the Hokies could stall out another drive. But the decision to go to for two might be something that the Hokies will regret. The PI on the play was totally ignored. The 2nd half is likely to be very similar, and the tone and patience on the field is beginning to wear.

The quarter ended in a go nowhere drive for the Jackets and then a clock burn off to go to the locker room to see what can be done. The Hokie Offense is seriously struggling, and the 10 points left on the field are being felt.