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Hokies Drop Out of the Top 25’s Land at 26 in each

Well, we knew this was going to happen if we lost to Georgia Tech. The Hokies have dropped out of both the AP and Amway Coaches Top 25 polls. We settle at 26 in each and that might still be generous.

Tripped Up. AJ Bush might get more work from here on out.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Well it’s the Sunday evening football poll article, and well the news is pretty much as expected.

Yahoo Sports Ranking Page gives you the summary that you all just wanted to see, today. Like you wanted to see that bruise from the shiner that you received by slipping on the wet floor of the bathroom and clocking yourself against the sink. It hurt, really badly, and you knew it was going to leave a serious mark.

There will be some fretting and some serious soul searching over the next week. 24-7 is reporting that freshman wide receiver Kalil Pimpleton has quit the team and is transferring. Pimpleton was the stand in proxy QB for the Scout Team and didn’t travel with the team to Atlanta. The tight lipped Hokie AD’s office is unlikely to make any more public announcements about it.

I will be putting up a Tuesday piece about how I think that things might go. What I see on initial impressions, and really taking a look at the presser with Fuente on Hokie Sports was a man who basically has seen the end of the progression line for his team, specifically his offense. When a coach admits that he didn’t have the confidence to push the ball a few yards to grab at least four more shots at the touchdown in the last minute and a half is deflating. It means that Justin Fuente knows that his team has already peaked, and most situations that require advanced drive management and completion percentages are going to be hard to come by. He’s taking chances because he doesn’t know if he’s going to get into position to do better in a later time.

We also heard for the first time that Joey’s been fighting something with his leg. That maybe their wasn’t the ability to even take chances with longer kicks because 1 foot pushes weren’t going to get close to the goal posts this week. When that sort of stuff happens, and the organization begins to clam up on transfers of kids that were talked about the week before for their importance, and that critical players were struggling with nagging injuries that could effect their performance on the field there is more to come. That’s opinion folks... from a man who’s been working in high pressure professional positions for most of his life.

There are going to be some real changes as the end of the season nears. The Pitt Preview is going to be interesting, and suddenly we are staring at the possibility for the Commonwealth Cup to take Exit 118B off of I-64 the day after Thanksgiving.

It looks for all the world like we aren’t going to see Steven Peoples or C.J. Carroll back anytime soon. Both of them are critical experienced parts of the Offense. We’ll be waiting on word about Yosuah Nijman for a very hurting and shaky offensive line.

So, no surprises to be had in this one. We can only hope that the coaches and the team can gather it up, and figure out how to win the last two games of the regular season. Frankly, a booger bowl would be a nice thing. Low pressure, holiday fun, and long break to heal up and get ready for National Signing Day. There are just so many things that need to be rebuilt, readdressed, and refocused.

BTW: Since Miami destroyed Notre Dame, it’s going to the ACC Championship Game to Face Clemson in the “I Hope They Both Drop into the Abyss Bowl”. My guess is that Miami drops the same stuff on Dabo that they did on the Golden Domers.

Prediction: The National Championship will be: Miami vs. Alabama in the “Yawn, I Don’t Give a Rip Bowl”

Spring Practice is going to be very important in 2018. Next season is going to be tough.