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Hokies vs Pitt: Gobbler Country Game Picks

It’s time for the Gobbler Country Staff Game Picks.

Something Tells Me that the Defense and Special Teams are going to be key in this one.
John Schneider - SB Nation

We are going 0-0 for the last two games. Everything else is done and in the past. Hokies need to go 3-0 for the end of 2017 and it all starts this weekend with Pittsburgh.

Joshua Schneider - 0-0

I still don't like the offense at this time. I still am somewhat down on the defense, especially with all the injuries.But Pitt stinks. It's not like Georgia Tech which has been unlucky, it's just bad. A home game is hopefully what the Hokies need to get back on track; Tech 28-Pitt 20.

Jawhar Ali - 0-0

Senior Day at Lane Stadium is a big game for the Hokies. Not necessarily in terms of the standings but for the team’s mentality. After two tough, ugly losses, the Hokies face a lackluster Pittsburgh team that is 2-4 in the ACC. However, the Panthers have given the Hokies a lot of problems in the past few seasons, and Narduzzi always has his team ready to play Virginia Tech. But the Hokies are at home, where they have been lights out on defense, sans the Clemson game. I expect a blowout win here against a mediocre team. Virginia Tech sends the Panthers into the Pitt of Misery 34-10 (Hokies).

Jay Johnson - 0-0

FIRST OFF, EVERYONE CALM DOWN. The Hokies have lost three games. One against the defending national champions. One against a national championship contender. One against a squad that VT has traded losses with for the last half decade. Just breathe. The Hokies are a young, exciting, and growing team. How easy it is to forget that three seasons ago we needed the last match of the season to secure a bowl berth, but two years later we are 7-3 and the sky is falling. Alright… got that off my chest. Pittsburgh hemorrhaged talent last year and have struggled to compete this season. They did grab two surprising conference wins, but the Panthers are not a good team. The Hokies are a good team. I expect Virginia Tech to open it up for senior day. Josh Jackson and the VPI offense will have a field day against a woeful Pitt defense. Hokies roll, 45-14.

John Schneider - 0-0

At 1220 or so EST, the Virginia Tech Hokies will take run out to Enter Sandman for the last time at Lane Stadium in the 2017 season. What a trip it's been. There are a bunch of Seniors heading out the door after the Bowl Game, and I expect there are going to be hugs, tears, and fond memories. Of course the opponent for Senior Afternoon is Pitt, and that's a fitting way to leave the home stadium. Pitt is not particularly good, and has no particular hope of either getting to a bowl (which means winning out against us and then Miami) but it is likely to be motivated. Tomorrow is their Bowl Game, and I expect that Nardo's Panthers are going to bring every ounce of everything that they can muster to put a serious stink on our final two contests. This game should go very much like Carolina or Duke, which means with Fuente's luck this season, it won't. I think we score in all aspects, and even with a case of the 1st quarter slows on offense, we pull this one out. 38-17 Hokies.

Roy Hatfield - 0-0

Its senior day and I love what Coach Fu has done for it. The specialized tweets were neat, but be ready for a slug fest. The Hokies win by 4. 21-17.

Bryan Manning - 0-0

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the Hokies. Now, the Pitt Panthers come to Lane Stadium at the exact right time. Pitt is not good. This isn’t the typical Pittsburgh team that gives the Hokies trouble. And, on Senior Day, that’s a good recipe for Virginia Tech. Hokies get back on the winning side of things with a 31-17 Tech win.

That's it, five for the Hokies and one waiting for input. Kickoff is at 12:20 and it's an ACC Network sort of operation.

Let's Go Hokies!!!!