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Game Picks!: Virginia vs. Virginia Tech

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for the final regular season games of the year, so it’s time for the game picks. Fair warning, there’s at least one dissenter...

Jay Johnson 1-0

Both UVA and Virginia Tech have had something of a bad month. The Hoos have dropped four of their last five and the Hokies have dropped two of their last three. Injuries for VT are starting to pile up and the offensive struggles are well documented. There’s blood in the water and the Cavaliers can smell it. The Hokie offense needs to step up and help the injury riddled defense. This one is going to be hard and the Hoos have a chance to end their 13-year losing streak. But… until they do I won’t believe it. Even with the injuries and playing in Charlottesville the Hokies still punish UVA. Virginia Tech extends the streak, 35-17.

John Schneider 1-0

Neither Team is where they'd like to be for this game. Tech's Offense never really solidified this season. The loss of Yosuah Nijman and Steven Peoples for the core of the season was a disaster. Peoples is supposed to be back but at what level we don't know. The defensive secondary is stressed beyond thin, and the Vinny Mihota is out. There also seems to be some sort of bug visiting players and knocking them out. That all being said, the Wahoos aren't in much better shape. Their running game is non-existent which makes them one dimensional, and their defense has been struggling of late. Neither team can be called a dumpster fire because they are both bowl eligible, but that's about it. This game is all about who gets up for this one game. It's a one score coin toss. It came up heads, so I'll go with George and pick the Hokies 30-24.

Joshua Schneider 1-0

I can't get behind this team at the moment against even moderately competent competition- but then Pitt went and beat Miami today. Gosh, we're going into this competition with a MASH unit here. I really, really hate having to pick this game, but even if VT has a more talented team, UVA has a more intact one. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll be glad to be wrong...UVA 24 VT 20.

Jawhar Ali 1-0

Virginia Tech has not been great over the final stretch of the season, but they HAVE to beat UVA...right? This game looks to be much closer than the 52-10 drubbing in Lane Stadium last year, especially with Virginia QB Kurt Benkert playing well. Meanwhile, Hokies’ QB Josh Jackson has struggled with his accuracy and timing, bogging down the entire offense. I expect a low scoring game that comes down to the wire, with the Hokies prevailing. Hokies 24-17.

Bryan Manning 1-0

Is this the year Virginia finally does unthinkable and beats the Hokies? Well, if the Wahoos don’t do it this year it’s tough to see them ever doing it. Virginia Tech is ravaged by injuries on both sides of the ball. However, defensively, the Hokies should be ok. The offense is a concern. Tech needs Josh Jackson to get off to a fast start, something he’s struggled to do. Today, Jackson will have his struggles but he will make enough plays with his arm and legs, to give the Hokies a close win late to extend the streak. Hokies 27 ‘Hoos 24