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Virginia Tech Football: Gobbler Country Game Picks

It all comes down to this. Can the Hokies ruin the Hurricanes’ undefeated season?

Al Clark

Josh Schneider (8-0)

I predict a low scoring, awful slugfest of a game. Both defenses are strong- though Foster's is statistically superior. Both teams have feasted on relatively blah schedules (Miami is getting a lot of love for beating FSU, which FPI has as 22, but honestly stinks; the Hokies' best win is an above average West Virginia team). I can't predict anything with any certainty. Blech. I just have a sinking feeling on how the line was posted and got shoved in one way quickly after the public hammered Virginia Tech due to Miami mucking up the UNC game. Just feels weird. I'll make the pick that might make me wrong but at least happy- Miami over VT, 24-21. No. VT over Miami 27-24. CRAP. I CAN'T MAKE UP MY MIND. Screw it. I lose either way. Tech by 3, 24-21.

Jawhar Ali (8-0)

The Hokies will get a second crack at a Top 10 team this season, and after a disappointing result against Clemson, Fuente, the players, and the rest of the staff should be motivated to earn a different result on the road. If Virginia Tech loses, it will be incredibly difficult to win the Coastal and get their rematch with Clemson, so there is plenty riding on the line with just a handful of games left before championship weekend. Defensively, the Hokies should handle the Hurricanes, as the lack of elite players on offense for Miami will show against a very aggressive, talented front seven. However, Fuente must have a strong scheme to attack Miami while on offense, and not let them break their “turnover chain” out. I am taking the Hokies in this one, as the Hurricanes have struggled against lesser teams (cough UNC cough Florida State cough) while the Hokies have shown the ability to simply blow some of those same teams out. Hokies 30-20.

John Schneider (7-1)

This is a tough one. Tech is favored by 3, and that might actually be solidly accurate for this game. First, Miami is overrated. Miami is almost always overrated because it's Miami and the Sports Media love going to Miami to play at reporting sports. The truth is that Rosier is an above average QB who has gotten 'it' together enough to get by some less than tough opponents. The Miami Running Back situation is odd and not really up to par - they might actually have a less impressive ground game than we do. Their defense looks like it's playing solid ball. The Hurricane D has been keeping them in close games, that's for sure. They have quality coaching and are going to be prepared. If it's a blowout, it's going to be us pulling away from them. But I don't feel a blowout happening, I really feel that Tech can and will win this one, but it's not going to be a high scoring Big XII kind of game. Look for an over/under in the modest 50 point range. 28-23 Hokies

Roy Hatfield (7-1)

This game has everything I love about college football. Two teams with everything on the line, and the winner will have the inside track to the Coastal title. Rozier has played decent, but Josh Jackson has played better. Virginia Tech’s only loss came to Clemson, and Miami has scraped by seemingly week after week. Joe Robbie, Pro Player, Land Shark, Dolphin, Dolphins, Hard Rock stadium doesn’t really scare me. Look for a game dictated by crucial turnovers, 31-20 Hokies.

Jay Johnson (7-1)

Last year three of Miami’s four losses were by one score or less. So far, this year four of the Hurricanes’ wins are by one score or less. As I mentioned weeks ago in the pre-season preview the parallels between the Hokies and the ‘Canes are very similar. Josh Jackson and Malik Rosier have eerily similar numbers. Jackson: 149-239, 2032 yds, 17 TDs, and four INTs. Rosier: 143-252, 2071 yds, 17 TDs, and four INTs. Even with the similarities I believe the Hokies have overcome their challenges better than the Hurricanes. Miami’s offense has struggled this season. They’ve hidden it behind what has become a rather pedestrian schedule. Georgia Tech is the only team with a winning record on their schedule, and they only escaped the Yellow Jackets by one point. The loss of Mark Walton I think is a larger impact to the Miami offense than has really been represented. I think Miami, as a team, hasn’t faced any large challenges. The Hokies defense will determine this game. It could be a close one, as all of Miami’s matches have been all season, or if the VT defense takes over it could get ugly quickly. This may be hubris, but Miami doesn’t frighten me. The Hokies roll in Coral Gables, VT wins 35-13.