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Virginia Tech Football : Hurricanes Own First Half

Hokies have serious work to do in the second half.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Miami Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Virginia Tech Hokies have everything to play for tonight. It seemed the Hokies didn’t get the memo. Miami controlled the game from the opening kick. Miami pulled out some trick plays early, but the Virginia Tech defense held firm. Miami went for it on a fourth and goal on the 2, but the Hokies held. The Virginia Tech offense could do nothing offensively early in the half, amassing only 10 passing yards through a quarter and a half of football.

Miami’s Braxton Berrios opened the scoring, hauling in an 8 yard slant from Malik Rosier. Miami was in full ‘Canes mode on the ensuing possession. They hounded Josh Jackson, forcing a three and out. The Hurricanes wasted little time, and Travis Homer scampered 64 yards to the house. It was 14-0 with 7:09 left in the half. Virginia Tech needed an answer desperately.

The Hokies put together a solid drive, but a poor pitch from Josh Jackson that could have been a horrible turnover sealed the Hokies’ fate. Coach Fuente hustled out Joey Slye for a potential 50 yard field goal, and Slye connected. Virginia Tech was on the board, 14-3 Canes. Miami had over two minutes to play with. Miami was running all over Virginia Tech, and the Hokies had no answers. Adonis Alexander had a moment of redemption, picking off Rosier. Just when the Hokies were hoping Miami couldn’t cash points, Virginia Tech was on the move. Cam Phillips caught an incredible jump ball, putting the Hokies in excellent shape with 25 seconds to play. On the next play, the Hokies turned it over after Sean Savoy coughed it up. End of the half and the Hurricanes lead, 14-3.