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Virginia Tech Basketball : Is Kentucky Ripe for the Upset?

Buzz Williams is on the hunt for a signature win. Can the Hokies pull the upset in Lexington?

Citi Hoops Classic - Kentucky v Monmouth Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

On Saturday, the Virginia Tech Hokies will face the number eight ranked Kentucky Wildcats. The Wildcats are favored in the desert, but the Hokies are the fans’ choice. What is going to happen? It is truly a David and Goliath story. Kentucky is the home of the “one and done”. Virginia Tech is the home of “He’s a good player under the right system.” It breaks down into some serious Star Wars stuff. It’s the good versus the dark side. Buzz Williams is a sparkling clean poster child of how to run a program.

This gives Virginia Tech an outstanding opportunity. The Hokies on “selection Sunday” can quote this as a tourney guarantee. If they get blown out in Lexington...I can almost hear Seth bitching about the resume. The Wildcats come into the contest number 8, and the Hokies are 9-1. Be rest assured, if the Hokies win this one, they will most assuredly be ranked. This would be a huge moment for the Buzz Williams era. Lately, it seems the Hokies have a history of getting pantsed on national television. Let’s hope the hoops team is ready for prime time.