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Early Signing Period : Virginia Tech Football Has Big Day

Justin Fuente and the Hokies improve over their 2017 haul.

Virginia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Well the first day of the new early signing period has come and gone, and the sun will come up tomorrow. There were some nay sayers, most notably, Nick Saban that didn’t like the new process. When I interviewed Justin Fuente earlier this year, he was fully on board. He estimated that the bulk of the class would be inked on December 20, and his words proved prophetic. The Hokies garnered 25 signatures on Wednesday, giving the Hokies some well needed depth.

If you look at the trajectory of the Fuente led Hokies, the path seems firmly improving. There were no big disappointments. There was some insane chatter on the socials late last night that KJ Henry might flip from Clemson. There was also some chatter late last night that I had a full head of hair. Both claims were ultimately untrue. Henry did what was expected, and alas, I am still bald. Don’t let that deter you from an absolutely stellar class ladies and gentlemen.

The Rank (According to

2018- Currently we are 17th in the nation, 3rd in the A.C.C., behind Clemson and Miami. Sense a trend here? The Hokies will have to improve against the house before they can worry about the neighborhood.

The Studs

Tre Turner WR is a big, physical receiver that the Hokies have desperately needed. The past two years under Fuente have featured two smallish WR1’s. Turner instantly helps an offense that limped downed the stretch.

Quincy Patterson QB is a big QB with a bigger arm. He has the legs to work the read option and is a physical specimen. With the rushing woes, a legitimate running QB might help the Hokies’ offense.

Jeremy Webb CB is the sleeper in this class. He is a JUCO kid straight out of Brooklyn that might make the biggest impact on this deep class. He has all the tools, and imagining him with Devon Hunter makes me optimistic on the future of the Hokies’ back end.

If you look back to the recent history of Hokies’ recruiting, the progress looks amazing. In 2017, the Hokies finished 26th. In 2016, the Virginia Tech Hokies ranked a paltry 42nd. That was the awkward bridge year with the transition from Beams to Fuente. In 2015, the Hokies were 29th, so Frank Beamer didn’t exactly leave the cupboard bare.

The Hokies are in the league of Ohio State, Alabama, or even Miami. They are, however, back on the map as a national player. Coach Fuente and company are building something here, and I can’t wait to see what the future looks like.