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Game Predictions: Camping World Bowl- OSU Cowboys vs. VT Hokies

Well, ladies and gents, last game of the year...and barring the ever-optimistic Jay, GC kind of has their thoughts in one bucket

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Well, here goes the last predictions of the season, and I’ll cut to the chase...

Bryan Manning

This is a tough matchup for the Hokies. Ok State is one of the top offensive teams in the nation and the Hokies are a beat-up bunch. Tech’s offense without Cam Phillips will have issues. Fortunately, Big-12 defenses don’t play a lot of defense and that could aid the Hokies. Stopping the Cowboys’ offense will be a struggle. Bud Foster’s bunch will do a good job of limiting them, but not enough for the offense to keep pace.

Ok State 34, Hokies 23

Jawhar Ali

As we all have heard by now, Oklahoma State’s high-powered offense is the strength of the team, which will be pitted against a tough Virginia Tech defense. However, I think the injuries, particularly the ones to Terrell Edmunds and Cam Phillips will be too much to overcome. James Washington will be the best receiver the Hokies face all year aside from maybe Deon Cain, who the Hokies struggled to cover in a loss to Clemson. Mason Rudolph should have some success throwing against a secondary that has played lights out for most of the year due to the balance of the Cowboys’ spread offense. Josh Jackson has not given me a good enough reason to believe he can match scores if this game turns into a shootout, and without Cam Phillips or Travon McMillian, I get the feeling that Steven Peoples and Sean Savoy will be instrumental in the game plan. Tech has won each bowl game since I’ve been in Blacksburg, so hopefully that streak continues, but I just don’t think they have enough to pull out the W in this one.

OK State 35-24.

Jay Johnson

I’m going full homer on this one. I think we win. I believe our young players on offense step up and show their stuff and I think our young men on defense show what happens when an offense not used to a physical defense meets.

Hokies win 31-27!

John Schneider

The Hokies are not well matched this time around. To beat the Cowboys we have to do two things; attack the line of scrimmage to disrupt the pass at the source and generate at least 28 points of steady clock burning offense. We might get the former done. I have my doubts about the latter. This is my first pick against the Hokies.

32 - 14 OSU

Joshua Schneider

Much to my chagrin, take the over and the 'Boys. I don't currently have much confidence in the offense to perform, even against the OSU defense. I think that the lack of experience and key players of offense and defense (Terrell Edmunds, Vinny Mihota, Cam Phillips, Yosuah Nijman, even Travon McMillain) will leave this somewhat floundering team in the lurch. The offense can't get off the mat and hasn't been the same since the Clemson game, barring a blowout of pathetic UNC. So my hopes are not high for this one.

45-24 OSU

Roy Hatfield

I have a very bad feeling about this. I might be channeling Star Wars, but it seems the Cowboys are poised to shred the Virginia Tech defense. It reminds me of the bowl game where a young QB by the name of Aaron Rodgers lit us up like a pinball machine.

Cowboys 56 Hokies 20