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Virginia Tech Hokies to go Camping with the Oklahoma State Cowboys

There are some irony points in droves, here. Virginia Tech is heading to Orlando for the Camping World Bowl. More importantly, Coach Fuente tweets out the announcement himself. He’s staying put, folks! #HardSmartTough stays, good.

Cam Phillips and the rest of the Seniors are up to it.
John Schneider - SB Nation

First, for the best news of the day. All of the rumors, the cagey half answers from sources, and the unwelcomed, by Hokie Nation, FSU run at our coach, Justin Fuente announced that he’s staying at Tech. This tweet from earlier Sunday says it all.

Then a bit later, he put up the Tweet about the Camping World Bowl. More about the Poaching Carousel a bit later, for now we celebrate and get ready.

It’s going to be a trip to Orlando for the Camping World Bowl, and we face the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. The Big XII brings offense, and not much in the way of stopping a runny nose. The Hokies better warm up and get healed up, because we are going to need to generate more than a couple of scores. OSU (also 9-3) is going to test us at every angle. They sling it around and if you look at their stats you’ll see what we are up against.

As to the regular poll news for Sunday evening. The finals have all come rushing in, and the CFB, AP, and Coaches all rank us at 22nd. We’ll be going over the previews and other information during the break, but for now it’s time to get ready to beat the Cowboys.

Hokie Nation, the Camping World Bowl is a good one. The opponent is top notch, and there are definitely some strength vs. weaknesses match-ups. It’s going to be an exciting holiday. We are thrilled that our coach is still here, and we are ecstatic to be pushing the longest bowl eligible streak in college football.