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Virginia Tech Football : The Hokies DO Have History With The Cowboys

They last played in 1972, and guess who won that one?

Oklahoma State v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

As the Camping World Bowl inches closer, I thought it would be interesting to look at the history between the two clubs. Believe it or not, the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Oklahoma State Cowboys have played twice before. In 1972, Virginia Tech defeated the Cowboys in a squeaker, 34-32. Before you get all cocky, the Pokes beat the Hokies in 1971, 24-16. The Camping World Bowl will be the rubber match in a battle of top 25 teams. Historically, both programs match up pretty evenly.

The Cowboys do claim a national title, but it is pretty cloudy. In 1945, the national championship was awarded to Army. Oklahoma State, then known as Oklahoma A&M, was ranked fifth. The American Football Coaches Association began “righting some wrongs”, and gave the Cowboys a retroactive national championship. That’s kind of lame, but as many long suffering Hokies can attest, we would KILL for a retroactive national title in ANYTHING. Outside of a “national title”, the teams have been pretty similar on most historical metrics. Thanks to for all the helpful info!