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Travon McMillian is Leaving the Team for Next Season.

Travon is an academic senior, and completing his degree so it looks like he’s going to take his one remaining year of eligibility to a team with a system that works better for him. As we did with Trey Edmunds, we wish him well with his new team.

Travon was a better more reliable receiver out of the backfield this season.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Well it was big enough news for Dr. Saturday over at Yahoo Sports to make a special mention of it; Travon McMillian is leaving the Hokies football program.

This was not surprising to any of those of us who were paying attention. McMillian came of age in a Scot Loeffler offense and never really seemed to get the hang of the influence zone blocking scheme that is so much a part of the Fuente ground game. Travon isn’t a head up quick cutting runner. He is more of a power halfback and there was little to nothing, except the chance to stretch his legs as a solid receiver, that he would have benefited from by staying in Fuente’s system.

This isn’t sad, it’s just a part of growing and changing. Travon is a senior in good standing and will graduate from Virginia Tech in the Spring. As the reports note, he won’t be playing in the Camping World Bowl on the 28th. That might be a bit disappointing to some, but I can understand that he probably doesn’t want to risk getting hurt before moving to his new program.

At this time we don’t know where he’s heading, but we’ll update you on any information.

As always, we wish every Hokie Godspeed and good luck. I hope he finds a program that suits his running style and capabilities. And I hope it’s not playing us.

You’ll always be a Hokie, Travon!!!! Thanks for your effort and heart.

Travon McMillian scores against Delaware
John Schneider - SB Nation