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Hezekiah Grimsley Joins #Statement17

The 3-star Lafayette WR signs with Virginia Tech.

Photo Courtesy of Student Sports

With the loss of two stud receivers, the Hokies found needing multiple talented pass catchers in the 2017 class. One of those receivers was Hezekiah Grimsley, who signed with the Hokies as part of National Signing Day. Per 247, Grimsley is a three star receiver, weighing in at 6-0, 175 pounds. He is rated as the 20th best player in the state of Virginia and the 99th best receiver in the country.

Grimsley originally committed to Virginia Tech back on May 27th, and was recruited by Galen Scott. The 2017 WR also had offers from Syracuse, Pittsburgh, East Carolina, and Maryland. He took an official visit just about a week ago.

From our scouting report on Grimsley by BlueLoneWolf back in May:

“I wonder if Grimsley has another gear, because he makes running as fast as he does look really simple and like he's not trying for this most part- it's interesting that ESPN clocks him at a 4.77 40, he doesn't look that slow. He's running a lot of deep routes, of course- he's in an option/wing T offense that doesn't lend itself to numbers, or route tree complexity. Granted, high school in general rarely has great wide receiver route combinations or complications. He seems to have fairly natural hands and is pretty good with separation at the point of the catch, with good jumping ability and flexibility to go up and high-point a ball. I think his ball skills are solid, but the issue is with his offense it's a lot of the same looks- up the seam or the outside. He's a natural hand catcher, which is good.”