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West Virginia On The Horizon

Spring practice is coming, so let’s start hyping the Black Diamond Trophy game in D.C..

Mark Thurston #48

Living in Alabama, I get asked a lot of Virginia Tech questions. Typical questions include: What is a Hokie? Why don’t you pull for ‘Bama? Who is your biggest rival? My personal favorite rival is, and always will be, West By God Virginia. I was incredibly happy when the 2017 schedule was released, seeing the Mountaineers in a neutral site game. My dad graduated from W.V.U. in 1966, and now that he has passed, it has taken on a more special meaning. I have been to more than my fair share of games in Morgantown and Blacksburg. The only game I ever left early was at Lane Stadium involving the two schools. I had the flu, and went back to Lot 9 to lay down. My brother stayed (he still reminds me of my lack of fortitude). This rivalry is my favorite because of the passion of the W.V.U. fan base.

“The S.E.C. comparison for West Virginia fans is simple. Take L.S.U. and remove the gumbo, and there you have it.”

They get especially salty when you beat them. They burn things when they win. They cuss at you, yell at you, and I LOVE IT. I sadly can only get to a couple games a season these days, but be rest assured, see you at FedEx.