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Virginia Tech Hokies Travel to Reno to Play the Nevada Wolf Pack

The weather in Reno is cold, windy, and it’s supposed to snow. This sounds more like the forecast for a December or January football game, not a baseball series. Tech and the Wolf Pack start a double header at 2:00 Eastern, today.

Warming Up in the Pen
John Schneider - SB Nation

The weather reports coming out of Reno, Nevada are not thrilling. It’s windy, cold and snowing. The Hokies visit the Mountain West Conference for a four game set that hopefully won’t get snowed out by Sunday. Reno IS NOT Las Vegas.

Tech brings a 4-0 starting record, with some solid personal and team stats to the high mountain desert of the far West.

For those interested the games will be available live, online via the Mountain West Network.

Tech hasn’t played the Nevada Wolf Pack since 1995, and the series was split 1-1. So, current track records are no guarantees. Nevada has a 1-3 record and will be looking to make up some ground at the expense of the Hokies.

Tech is looking to extend the excellent start to the season with a solid performance far away from home.

Please check the links, it looks like we get to see some Hokie Baseball online! The first game is at 2:00, the second starts at 6:00. (Remember the MW network schedules for their local time which is three hours behind us.)