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Virginia Tech Basketball Expectations Have Changed

While many saw this season as “tournament or bust”, there might be more on the line for the Hokies.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

As the A.C.C. season draws to a close, Virginia Tech is on the verge of an N.C.A.A. bid for the first time in a decade. Buzz Williams certainly has the program headed in the right direction, and there is an energy in Cassell we haven’t seen in quite some time. When Virginia Tech lured Buzz Williams away from Marquette, this was the goal. The goal simply put: Make Virginia Tech basketball relevant. Williams has certainly done this. The dream for Virginia Tech would involve the Florida Gators. Florida had two young, energetic coaches, that put the Gators in the natty conversation in both football and basketball.

Urban Meyer and Billy Donovan took Gainesville by storm, and did the unthinkable. In 2006 they both won national championships. I’m not sure the Hokies are there yet, but what is the difference between Fuente and Meyer? What is the difference between Donovan and Williams? The short answer: rings. Remember that there were a ton of folks second guessing the Meyer hire at Florida. “Yeah, he won at Utah, but this is the S.E.C.”. Donovan was hired away from Marshall (it always goes back to Marshall), and had an incredible 19 year career in Gainesville. He also had an incredible 16 straight 20 win seasons. Donovan was in charge of a resurrection. Is Buzz Williams’ task really that different?

The results will tell the tale for both Fuente and Williams, but the real hero in this story is Whit Babcock. He masterminded both hires, and by all accounts, has kept these two happy. The Hokies’ basketball team is on the precipice, and I can’t wait to see if the Hokies make any type of run in the N.C.A.A. tournament.