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QB Quincy Patterson Commits to the Hokies

Justin Fuente demonstrates the pull of his quarterback prowess by hauling in a high-upside prospect from Illinois, Quincy Patterson

Quincy Patterson
Photo courtesy of Student Sports Flickr

Um, am I reading this right? I can’t remember the last time that the Hokies got a player from Illinois, let alone Chicago. I mean, I’m sure there has to be one SOMEWHERE, but there’s no record on 247 from their tracking of recruiting that any of our players came from Illinois. It just goes to show you the kind of pull that the Hokies have now that Justin Fuente and Brad Cornelsen are running the offense. Today the Hokies received a commitment from Quincy Patterson, a mostly-consensus (Scout, 247, and Rivals. ESPN has him unranked) three star dual-threat quarterback from Solorio Academy in Chicago. Patterson is the fifth commitment in the class of 2018, and the second quarterback, joining DeJuan Ellis. Other schools that offered Patterson include Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi State, Missouri, NC State, UNC, and Penn State. He’s also got offers from Yale and Princeton, which is always noteworthy.

Let’s take a look at the tape.

Quincy Patterson (Chicago, IL. 6’-4”, 232lbs. Quarterback.)

Patterson runs like a bull. Well, shiftier than that, but he DOES NOT CARE if you are in his way. He’s of course moving to get away from contact, but if it behooves him or he is incapable of getting around you, he will indeed go through you. His speed is good, but his balance and strength are better. His offensive system is definitely a variety of spread read option, so he has that kind of familiarity to what we did last year going for him. When he throws, he throws a nice spiral that he places quite well- and he will look to throw if the place is there for it. I like that he’s already working on pump fakes. When he can learn how to manipulate safeties with his eyes, that’ll do him quite well. I like his option fake, but I don’t like how loose he holds the ball away from his body when he runs. Bottom line is that he has a lot of similar traits to what Jerod Evans had in 2016- though you could argue that the deep ball accuracy has the potential to be slightly more on point. I don’t expect him to be a three star prospect much longer if his senior season goes well.

Welcome onboard #ExitLight18, Quincy!