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Virginia Tech Basketball Fans, This Is The Bracket Challenge You’ve Been Waiting For!

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Hokies face the Badgers in Round One

It’s been a long time folks. The Virginia Tech Hokies are officially N.C.A.A. tournament bound! The Hokies will face off against the Wisconsin Badgers in the first round. The bad news for the Hokies, is that if they win, they face number one overall seed, Villanova. Buzz Williams has led a remarkable turnaround for this team, and it should be interesting to see how the Hokies fare. Want to pick this game? Want to pick all the games? We have you covered at Gobbler Country! Join our “Hokies” group and show us all your hoop knowledge.

You can sign up here, and start making your selections!

The winner will get a healthy dose of praise from all of our social media accounts, immediately solidifying your position as the number one Hokie fan in the country. What are you waiting for? It’s free, and better yet, you can finally show all those Gobbler Country writers how smart you are!