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Obama Picks the Virginia Tech Hokies over Wisconsin

President Obama Hosts NCAA Women's Basketball Champions, The Connecticut Huskies Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Former President of the United States, Barack Obama, has made no secret of the fact he appreciates the sport of Basketball. During his time in the Oval Office, in celebration of March Madness, the 44th President made a point to fill out and reveal a NCAA Tournament bracket for both the men’s and women’s competitions. Although he no longer holds the highest office of the land, Mr. Obama has remained steadfast in his practice of bracketology.

The difference this year, ladies and gentlemen, is that the Virgina Tech Hokies are making a return to the tournament after a decade long absence. Tonight VPI will face off against the Wisconsin Badgers.

President Obama has made his choice concerning the matter, and that choice is an upset in the favor of the Fighting Gobblers. That's right, President Obama has chosen the Virginia Tech Hokies over the Wisconsin Badgers!

Go Hokies!