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Virginia Tech Football Spring Game Reveals Little About Quarterback Situation

The weather didn’t help, but the Hokies came to play.

Photo Courtesy of Student Sports

Jerod Evans is gone. Bucky Hodges is gone. Isaiah Ford is gone. That’s the bad news for the Hokies’ offense. The good news is that Coach Fuente is starting to build depth at the most critical position of all, quarterback. I can’t recall any spring game in recent memory that the QB battle was this wide open. Leader at the clubhouse seems to be Joshua Jackson from Saline, Michigan. Jackson had an o.k. spring game, but this is the football equivalent of kissing your sister. Practice is where the rubber meets the road, and Fuente has a firm grip on access for that. I, for one, can’t blame him. In an era where news travels faster than the speed of sound, the reduction in “noise” will help this team and the players. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see the individual battles, but if that means the final product is better, so be it.

Jackson might have inherited the seat from Jerod Evans, but obviously there are some question marks. Fuente had the luxury of some game experience with Evans last season, and the JUCO stud put up record breaking numbers for the Hokies. This edition of Virginia Tech football will have an untested lead singer for sure. The real wild card in the mix is true freshman Hendon Hooker. He didn’t exactly look polished, but you had the sense that something big could happen at any moment. He enrolled early, and that folks is half the battle when acclimating these kids to college life. Please weigh in with your thoughts on what you made of the quarterbacks, and as always, follow us @gobblercountry.