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Virginia Tech, West Virginia Date Change Had Me Scrambling

Breaking news is sometimes hard to swallow...

Russell Athletic Bowl - Miami v West Virginia Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

In case you missed it, the date of the highly anticipated rekindling of the Black Diamond Trophy game has been rescheduled. This announcement was an afterthought for most of the Hokies out there. This was seismic for me on a personal level. It was purely by coincidence, but I was booking airfare/cars/hotels last night and reconsidered. West Virginia is my favorite rivalry game, and I was willing to fly from the gulf coast and attend this contest. I was willing to basically blow out the budget to be at FedEx Field and be there as a fan. Before you send the email telling me how lucky I am to get the kind of access to the Hokies that Gobbler Country affords me, let me remind you of this: college football games are awesome. My version of Nirvana is pretty simple: Go to every Virginia Tech football game forever. The reality of my geography, and family needs, makes my “Nirvana” harder and harder to achieve. I will never stop trying, but the demands of time and money make it challenging to get there.

It isn’t about the money, that’s the cliche. In reality, it truly is about the money. I could totally attend the West Virginia game. I could totally attend the bowl game. I could totally attend the A.C.C. championship game. It becomes a shell game at some point, because the SBNation coffers only run so deep. Gobbler Country has done well in establishing a great relationship with our school and our leadership. Point is, would you rather watch an opening game in Washington, or take your family to Disney? I think most of our loyal readers would make the wise call. Coach Fuente and company will not notice if I’m not there, but be rest assured that the good old G.C. will have boots on the ground for this potentially awesome game.