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Whit Babcock Needs The Magic Touch Again

After an up and down season, the Hokies need a new baseball coach.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at Virginia Tech Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

It was only a matter of time. Gobbler Country’s baseball guru, John Schneider, predicted this outcome some time back. You can read John’s excellent analysis here. The Hokies were not happy with the performance of the baseball team, and Whit Babcock pulled the trigger. The announcement came via @hokiesports earlier today.

I had only one interaction with former coach, Patrick Mason. He struck me as a good guy, and was happy to get some pub for the baseball team. I spoke with Mason more than a year ago about the facilities at Virginia Tech, and I could tell it struck a nerve. He knew the importance of facilities, especially as it pertains to recruiting. He ranked the Hokies “if not last, then second to last” in the A.C.C.. He did hint at possible news coming soon for the baseball team. That news, of course, was the naming rights purchased by Union Bank, but at this point, it’s kind of a chicken and egg kind of thing.

The next evolution for Virginia Tech baseball is now. I have written endlessly about Whit Babcock’s best skill: talent acquisition. Odds are that the next Virginia Tech baseball coach is largely unknown. I am sure that who gets the call from Babcock is the best available. The man’s track record speaks for itself. Some folks on twitter have asked us who the next coach might be. I haven’t heard anything yet, but rest easy Hokies. In Whit we trust.