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No Go, No Tickets?

The Denver Broncos make a bold statement for “paper” season ticket holders. Should Virginia Tech follow suit?

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One team in the N.F.L. is sick and tired of and their ilk. The Denver Broncos, as reported by , have instituted an interesting policy. Fans that don’t actually attend a home game can have their season tickets rescinded. In total, approximately 400 fans were informed their money was “no longer good”. Can you imagine any collegiate team pulling this kind of move? It may be a stretch to think that Virginia Tech would actually turn down a season ticket sale, but according to PFT, the Broncos’ waiting list for tickets is over 75,000 strong. The aim of the initiative is to put more tickets into the hands of actual fans. For that, i’m all about it. For a school who rarely sells out anymore, it’s a non issue. There are other collegiate programs where the demand far exceeds the supply.

As many of our loyal readers know, I live in S.E.C. country. Auburn tickets can be purchased quite easily. The same, cannot be said, for L.S.U. and Alabama. Alabama has approximately 32,000 signed up to fill Bryant-Denny stadium on standby. In this article by Cheryl Wray on, she has inside info to validate this. There was a huge Nick Saban blow up a few years ago when he chided folks for leaving early during Bama’s games. “Do we not entertain you?”. Indeed. There are 32k other bammers that would love the opportunity to keep the beloved Tide tickets in the program. The Virginia Tech Hokies have vigorously pursued season ticket holders for years, and would kill to have this particular issue. The goal for any program should to be in Alabama’s position, particularly in this arena.

Virginia Tech is not generally considered a collegiate blue blood. They do have some history, but can’t even begin to match rings with ‘Bama, and that’s O.K.. We do need winners in Blacksburg, and I feel they are on the right path. It would be an incredible embarrassment of riches for the Hokies to actually turn down business in the interest of the fans.