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Who Is On Your Non-Con Wish List?

With upcoming dates against Michigan, Penn State, and Notre Dame, who else would you like to see the Hokies play out of conference?

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Texas Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The schedule for the next few years is already set. If you were Whit Babcock, who would you like to see Virginia Tech schedule when a rare open date finally appears? In the Big East days, the familiar refrain of “Ya’ll don’t play anybody”, was the go to when discussing Virginia Tech football success. The administration at the time really addressed that. If you look at some recent non-con games, the level has improved dramatically. We played U.S.C., Boise State, Alabama (twice), and Tennessee, all in recent years. This got me to think about the dream scenario. If I could schedule a game, who I would I like to see Virginia Tech play?

My pick would be Texas. I would love a home and home with those boys from Austin. I’ve always wanted to visit Austin, and they were a really fun group to be around at the Sugar Bowl in 1995. They talked enough smack to be engaging, but not L.S.U. “engaging”. The game was incredible, and it put Virginia Tech on the national map for the first time ever. I am opening this up to the readers. Who would you like Virginia Tech to play in the future. I’m launching a poll on @gobblercountry , but will take write in candidates on our facebook page! The winner will get a proper Gobbler Country breakdown and prediction.