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Eli Adams gives Virginia Tech two Commits in one day

Virginia Tech got two commitments on Saturday, Eli Adams being the second of them.

Credit Student Sports Flickr

So this was somewhat of a surprise- Adams was not heavily on the public recruiting radar of late. But Virginia Tech only had one defensive line commitment so far, and the depth is thin at defensive end. Now, with Joe Kane already onboard, Eli Adams becomes the second defensive line commitment, and the second of Saturday the 10th. Adams, the first South Carolinian this class, is the twelfth commitment and the sixth defensive commitment in what’s become a balanced class. He’s not ranked by 247 or ESPN, but he’s rated at three stars by Rivals and Scout. Other offers of his included East Carolina, Kansas State, Maryland, NC State, and South Carolina, with the latter two being the supposed leaders in his recruiting before yesterday.

Let’s see what Tech’s getting in this new defensive end.

Elijah ‘Eli’ Adams (Rock Hill, SC. 6’-0”, 230lbs. Defensive End)

Eli is disruptive. That’s the big thing you can see about him. He plays remarkably fast, and simply chases down everything. His first step is explosive and he’s good at driving right through a tackle…for the most part. He’s undersized in the height department, but it doesn’t seem to matter as he rips right by people. He’ll probably have trouble with more experienced and larger NCAA tackles, but his low point of leverage means that it’s hard to get into and under him and push him out of the way- think how James Harrison and Elvis Dumervil made it in the NFL at their size. Either way, he’s definitely more of a late-career Dadi Nicholas type, being more of an up-and-down pass rusher.

Welcome to the Hokies, Eli.