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Virginia Tech football: Bryce Thompson decommits

After a string of commitments, the Virginia Tech Hokies lost one on Sunday night.

Bryce Thompson

The Virginia Tech Hokies have been on a tear recently on the recruiting trail. Tre Turner, D.J. Crossen, John Harris and Cam Goode are just some of the players who’ve made recent pledges to Virginia Tech. Unfortunately, the Hokies also suffered a defection this weekend.

On Sunday night, three-star wide receiver Bryce Thompson decided to back out of his pledge to the Hokies and reopen his recruitment. Reopening his recruitment isn’t exactly true because Thompson has continued to flirt with other teams and even indicated recently a decommitment was a possibility.

So, can the Hokies get Thompson back in the boat? Well, Tech has shown the propensity to get players back in the fold that have decommitted. Just recently, DeJuan Ellis backed out of his pledge only to commit back to the Hokies. Tyjuan Garbutt and Phil Patterson are two other players who decommitted and ended up signing with the Hokies.

This one just has a different feel to it.

High school athletes are hard to read. Thompson is also a player who is less known than other players for various reasons. If he can stay on the field for his senior season, his recruiting could blow up. For now, the South Carolina Gamecocks appear poised to land Thompson. But most importantly, Thompson needs to get his grades in order if he’s going to make it at Virginia Tech or any other school.

While any decommitment stings, things are different now with head coach Justin Fuente. Just look at the receivers Fuente has signed and received pledges from since taking over. The Hokies will be just fine whether Bryce Thompson comes to Blacksburg or not.