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Shayne Graham Just Broke The Hokies’ Internet

I’ve got Hokies swag. You have Hokies swag. Shayne Graham has the Hokie swag we wish we had.

New Orleans Saints v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Living in Gobbler Country affords certain privileges. I get stuff from time to time. I acquire certain pieces through back channels, English channels, and sometimes television channels. As the loyal patrons of G.C. know, I covet certain Virginia Tech memorabilia. I met a guy named “Fan X”, who had amassed the most jaw dropping collection of Virginia Tech memorabilia the world had ever seen. This guy showed me pictures of stuff I wasn’t allowed to publish. The stuff he o.k.’d was better than my stuff. The stuff he tried to sell me was better than my stuff. I’m not a man of means, and my humble collection is built on networks and very little cash. Shayne Graham will forever be remembered for many things in Virginia Tech lore, but for the lucky few on his facebook feed, they got special treatment. Shayne has the same hobby as me when it comes to collecting mini helmets. His is better than mine, yours, and probably better than anybody on the interwebs. Here is one of the photos:

Photo Courtesy Official Shayne Graham Facebook Account

Yeah. That’s all of them. Shayne actually was actually answering specific questions on his original post. Mini helmet fans were crying foul on the use of Schutt helmets, and Graham set them straight. Some of the minis needed customization, with decals, and other enhancements. Graham has done his homework. This just might be the most accurate, and complete collection of Virginia Tech football mini helmets anywhere in the world. Thanks Shayne for sharing, and if you can beat it, let us know!

Photo Courtesy Official Shayne Graham Facebook Account