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Quincy Patterson shows his stuff at the Opening camp, and other recruiting notes

Recruiting news, get your recruiting news here! Quincy Patterson is showing off at the opening, and other Hokies miscellany!

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Photo credit Student Sports Flickr

Okay, so, mark me down as one of the guys that thought Patterson was underrated before it was cool. Right now in Oregon, the three (3?!?) star Virginia Tech commit is tearing up turf. Barton Simmons, a writer at 247sports, ranked him as the fifth best quarterback out there, which is above several five stars. He’s drawing all sorts of great reviews. Remember, ladies and gents, this is a Justin Fuente quarterback recruit we’re talking about. He can play football.

Of course, as is completely typical of Virginia Tech recruits, the recruiting establishment seems intent on sitting on his rating until further notice. The only place where he is rated above a three star commitment is ESPN, where he’s a four star athlete, not a quarterback. We’ll see how long that lasts if he continues to stand out, but seriously, can a Virginia Tech commit get some love for once?

Also at the Opening are Hokies targets KJ Henry, Kalon Gervin, Kyle Pitts, Jamal Ellliott (currently committed to Oregon), and Rasheed Walker. Kyle Pitts and Kalon Gervin are the two most likely targets, though Walker-to-Penn-State news calmed down maybe a bit, and Gervin is much more in the territory of potential Hokies than Pitts is. Pitts did delay his commitment timeline (Warning, Paywall), per 247, in order to take more visits, but he’s thought to be a heavy Florida lean right now.

Gervin is a highly rated prospect out of Cass Tech in Detroit, Michigan, where the Hokies are starting to dig for talent more regularly. Between Josh Jackson and Kalil Pimpleton, it’s obvious that Tech is really putting in the effort. Gervin is a former Notre Dame commitment, and a well-regarded one at that. 104th nationally on Rivals (12th rated corner), 167th nationally on 247 (17th rated corner), 283rd nationally and 27th corner by Scout, and ESPN lags as rating him at 3 stars and the 46th best corner. His other offers include Notre Dame, Florida, Auburn, Oklahoma, Michigan, Nebraska, Mississippi State, Michigan State, LSU, Louisville, Oregon, Penn State, and others. But at present he’s a crystal-ball Hokies lean, with a potential commitment coming soon. I’ll share his highlight tape, but the review has to wait until he commits.

By the way, keep watching this website over the next few days…more good news might be coming. Tomorrow Hokies target Alan Tisdale is announcing his commitment at 3PM. We’ve got 100% of his crystal balls, and he’s yet another North Carolina target. He’s a three/four star linebacker that projects as a whip.

On top of that, Hokies running back target Caleb Steward is going to commit on July 4th. It’s between the Hokies and USF. He’s got some weird across the board ratings- not ranked by Scout or ESPN, a two star by Rivals, and a solid three star by 247. He attends Ed White High School in Jacksonville, Florida.

Stay tuned to Gobbler Country for more recruiting news this busy 4th of July weekend!


Jordan McFadden, an offensive tackle from South Carolina, will also be announcing on the 4th. We are the presumed leader in the chase for his commitment. It’s a fight between the Hokies, Duke, Rutgers, and Michigan State, however. Thanks to the podcast on 247 by Matej Sis and Evan Watkins for the date.