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Time for the Virginia Tech Hokie Football Roster Reviews

It’s time for the Summer Hokie Football Roster Review. There are lots of new names, and lots of new possibilities this season. Let’s get the blood flowing after the long nap following the Spring Game.

The Pregame Rounds of our Favorite Bird.
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s the Doldrums So It’s Time for the Virginia Tech Hokie Football Roster Reviews

The 2nd week of June is bringing a steady flow of good news for the future of the Hokie football program. From the looks of things Justin Fuente has seriously upped the recruiting game with new folks committing from all over the country, and there are more of the Community College transfer workings going on to go with it.

Well, all of that stuff is 2018, 2019, and 2020 season hopes and dreams in a future’s game that makes Wall Street blush a bit. We aren’t here to get into that conversation. We are here to start off what’s become a Gobbler Country Football Analytical tradition (if two years is a trend, that is.)

The Fall Roster is out and looks like there won’t be too many major changes over the Summer, so its time to go through the 2018 Fall Roster and see what might be happening with each squad and class.

We know that there is a Quarterback contest going on, and with his usual button lipped approach to things, Coach Fuente doesn’t look like that hat is tipping any time soon. So we’ll get a projection of who look like the top three candidates for starting QB.

With Juice gone due to injuries (we miss you and wish you all the best Marshawn) the Running Back competition is hot enough that even Steven Peoples is in the mix, instead of being notched in at fullback. Travon McMillian is back and faces some challenges as well. There are lots of things to talk about in the offensive backfield.

Travon McMillian at the UVA Game
John Schneider - SB Nation

The Defensive line looks pretty solid, but it’s going to be a tad different in character, speed, and size this year. What’s going on there and how might Charlie Wiles look to change the pressure up across the defensive line to allow Bud Foster’s linebackers a few more options.

Speaking of Linebackers, who is who, where is everyone playing and are we deep enough to avoid the dreaded 4-1-6 and 4-0-7 defenses of two and three seasons ago? Those configurations always lead to #DBU and what’s happening there.

Andrew Mo-tooah-poooh-AH-KA! Pick off against the Hoos.
John Schneider - SB Nation

The big question beside the QB (I don’t think that it’s going to be a question as much as a series of possible answers) the big thing on everyone’s mind on the offensive side of the ball is the offensive line… no? Well, we need to look at the line, yes; but there are fewer questions from Tackle to Tackle on the O side of the ball. The question is who are the X,Y, and Z of the receiving corps. We know and love our Cam Phillips, and scream for CJ Carroll rocketing through creases under the seams, but who else is going out for passes? You got it, from my humble perspective the big question for this season is who are the Y and Z? AND bigger still who are the viable backups, because it’s football and you know there needs to be a reliable two –deep in the receiving corps.

Touchdown! Cam Phillips!
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s taking a while to cut up and analyze the roster, physically. That means its time to start getting after it with the Gobbler Country fan base. Let’s get some blood flowing this Summer. I am going out on a limb on some predictions, and someone is going to disagree, or agree, but let’s get it in writing. The comments are there for a reason.

Let’s talk football.

First up the Quarterbacks. Roy has a teaser, but Thusday we’re going to talk meat and potatoes.

Tubas Tubas Tubas - Giving the Band Some Love for the Hokie Pokey