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Alan Tisdale commits to the Hokies

The Hokies pick up their 15th commitment and 5th North Carolina player in Alan Tisdale.

ACC Championship - Clemson v Virginia Tech Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

More #NC2VT stuff, as anticipated. Tisdale has been a Hokie lean for a while, so his commitment doesn’t come as much of a surprise. He’s a second cousin to DJ Crossen and a longtime friend of Tre Turner (S/o again to Matej Sis and Evan Watkins of 247), so again, factors were conspiring to get Tisdale to Tech. Tisdale was formerly rated more toward the four star range, but his ranking has settled into high three-star territory. A four star on Rivals (19th rated OLB, 13th rated NC recruit), he’s a mid to high three star recruit in Scout, ESPN, and 247’s rankings. I think part of it is his size for the position he plays/is projected to play (outside linebacker), because he’s 6’-3”, but only about 208/210lbs. However, while that cramps him for other systems, it quite nicely fits into Bud Foster’s Whip slot- large enough to make tackles, small enough to handle coverage duties. Tisdale’s other top five were NC State, Notre Dame, Louisville, and Mississippi. Other scholarship offers included Mississippi State, Maryland, UNC, Washington State, and West Virginia. Tisdale is the fifth recruit from North Carolina, following Tre Turner, Nadir Thompson, DJ Crossen, and Joe Kane. He’s also the ninth likely defensive player, and the fifteenth commitment overall.

Let’s take a look at his tape to see what Coach Foster gets from Tisdale.

Alan Tisdale (6’-3”, 208lbs. Greensboro, NC. Outside Linebacker/Whip)

Tisdale is quick. He’s good in coverage- I like how he drops into passing lanes and has some consistency deflecting passes and intercepting them on occasion. This DOES make him perfect for the mixed role of whip. You can see some hints of former Hokies whip Cody Grimm, too, as Tisdale can do some pass rushing along with his coverage duties. He’s a versatile defender that is much more likely to fit into Bud’s system than any of your typical outside linebacker slots, so this commitment is a fits-like-a-glove scenario. After Mook graduates, Tech is going to need a new Whip. Tisdale could theoretically slot right into that position. With his combination of tackling and speed, either way, he’s a useful athlete to have and would likely see immediate playing time on special teams before assuming a starting role.

Welcome to the Hokies, Alan. Again, keep the door open behind you- I think we might have a couple more players coming in the next few days…