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Recruit 18 for ExitLight18 is Long Snapper Oscar Shadley

The Hokies got a commitment from Army All-American Oscar Shadley today- oh, and he’s a long snapper. Huh.

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NCAA Football: Liberty at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

So, count this as a surprise. Besides the fact that you usually don’t get midday commitments like this, the next member of #ExitLight18 is long snapper Oscar Shadley. He was on an unofficial visit today, per 247sports, and committed to the Hokies over Oregon, FIU, and Marshall.

Look, it’s unusual to have a long snapper be a scholarship athlete, much less an out-of-high-school offer. But having a good long snapper is no joke. You’re talking to a guy that watched Greg Warren get hurt during a Steelers game and watch James Harrison have to long snap. That went poorly. It’s a complement when you have a guy at that position where you stick him there for four years and forget his name and it never is relevant again. He’s the best long-snapper in the country by Rubio Long Snapping, he’s the son of a coach, he’s athletic, he’s well, pretty much what you want in a guy that is getting the ball to the holder and the punter. He’s also an Army All-American, and rated as a five star long snapper by Chris Sailer Kicking. He’s also the 18th member of this class, the fourth Florida recruit, and while the lowest ‘ranked’ member, the rankings for long snappers don’t really exist on the major sites.

Well, the fact that he’s even big news down in south Florida (he’s from Naples) is nice, so let’s dig into what we can find on Oscar.

Oscar Shadley (Naples, FL. 6’-2”, 230lbs. Long Snapper)

Look, this is unconventional tape, because long-snapping is such a small time frame in a game. He gets it there quick, sure. I like the fact that he shows a lot of athleticism- long snappers can be some of the first guys down the field because they’re technically not supposed to be covered on the line for safety reasons. So look, this is going to be short because there’s not so much that I can review, but the upside is Shadley is the long snapper for three to four years and we completely forget he’s on the team because he’s doing his job. The super upside would be us wincing for people he leveled when he hit them coming down on punt returners.

The biggest part of this news is that it takes up one more spot in the recruiting class- and Virginia Tech already has 17 commitments. Of the NCAA maximum 25, we’ve filled up the majority of the class. Coach Fuente is going to have to be choosy from here on out as to who makes it in or who is left behind.

Welcome to the Hokies, Oscar.