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Most Valuable Hokie?

A bar guest proposed a question that really made me think. “What player is the most indispensable for the Hokies in 2017?” This guest is a die hard Alabama fan, who attends every single Alabama game, home and away. His pick was the QB. My response might surprise you.

Virginia v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

There are certain Virginia Tech players I have followed closely. The marquee names have their rightful place in Virginia Tech lore, but my favorites are the grinders. The players that absolutely bust their asses to get better. I love watching guys “grow up” right before my eyes. I took a particular shine to Andrew Motuapuaka. When he first appeared in game action, I was a doubter. Now, I’m a believer. The kid is a playmaker with a real nose for the ball. He visibly got better. He got bigger, stronger, and seemingly faster. Every top notch Bud Foster defense has had a lethal inside linebacker, and I believe Motuapuaka is the next name on that list. I absolutely loved Ben Taylor. He really laid the wood. That is coach speak for, “Knocks guys heads off”. Moto has that potential.

He has a ton of potential heading into the 2017 season. In fact, the entire LB group has a huge opportunity to distinguish themselves. I’m not saying that this unit will be the best in the A.C.C., but look for huge strides overall. The Bud Foster defense relies on being able to stuff the run, and Moto is the key.