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Virginia Tech Social Media

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Virginia Tech Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The summer doldrums continue to drag on, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Soon the school year will arrive with Virginia Tech athletics. Before that time comes though there remain some fantastic avenues of getting your Hokie sports fix. Social media has expanded significantly over the last few years. Major sports media outlets have already adopted the use of social media to share their articles and break developing stories rapidly. Individual organizations did not lag far behind and quickly recognized the value of social media for fan outreach and marketing. For those that are already comfortable with social media much of what is below may be old news. For those that aren’t as familiar, and are looking for exclusive content that isn’t available elsewhere, the following accounts may come as unprecedented access to the Virginia Tech Hokies. Below I will list and describe the many accounts that will provide insight to the efforts of Virginia Tech athletics.


Gobbler Country:

I have zero guilt shamelessly plugging our own social media efforts at Gobbler Country. While all our articles are going to be available on the website there is ample content that is only available on the Facebook page. Exclusive photographs and live broadcasts are regular offerings, which are not available on the website, during the football and basketball seasons. Additionally, quick pieces of information and shared stories we find interesting can be found in the GC Facebook feed.

Virginia Tech Athletics:

This is the official Facebook page for all things Hokie sports. It is run by Virginia Tech staff and is a great spot to maintain awareness for all VPI athletic efforts.


Gobbler Country:


I’m not done plugging our own Gobbler Country efforts! Twitter is pretty much the nexus of breaking news in the sports world. Often reporters and media outlets will communicate rapidly developing stories via 140 characters before a full article is pushed. Although we aren’t investigative reporters, rest assured that GC follows and filters the myriad sources regarding collegiate athletics. We stand ready to retweet the pertinent content regarding the Hokies.

Also, all the Gobbler Country contributors have their own Twitter accounts:

Jay Johnson: @jjohnsonVATech (I hear this guy has an amazing jawline and great hair.)

Roy Hatfield: @roybhatfield

Joshua Schneider: @VTStatBoy

John Schneider: @VTNeanderthal

Bryan Manning: @BryanDManning

Jawhar Ali: @soundslikejafar

SB Nation CFB:


The parent company’s account for all things College Football. A veritable smorgasbord of CFB information. This account sources from all the CFB articles generated on SB Nation websites. From time to time Gobbler Country’s own articles are shared here. For example, this thoughtful article by all around nice guy (and dreamboat), Jay Johnson, regarding a comparison between Urban Meyer and Frank Beamer. Although not specifically focused on Hokie football it provides fantastic awareness to the landscape of college football.

Hokie Sports:


The official Twitter account of Virginia Tech athletics. Like the Facebook account detailed above, the Hokie Sports Twitter feed is run by Hokie staff, and they share the official statements of athletic department and all the VPI sports. One of the big differences you will find between the Facebook and Twitter accounts is the multitude of retweets from the various VPI related Twitter accounts, which is not normally reflected on Facebook.

VT Football:


An extension of Hokie Sports the @VT_Football account provides official statements and media from the athletic staff. Pretty much every single Virginia Tech sports team has an official Twitter account that follows the @VT_------- construct. @VT_Wrestling, @VT_MBBall, @VT_WBBall , @VT_Baseball, @VT_Softball, etc.

Hokies Football:


This is one of my favorite Virginia Tech social media account. It is another official VT account, but this platform is specifically run by the Hokies football staff and coaches. It is one of the best sources for exclusive content regarding the Virginia Tech football team. Fans can find videos from practice, statements from players and coaches, and a multitude of other media that are not found in anywhere else.

The ACC:


The official Twitter feed for all things ACC. The account covers all the athletic efforts of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Often the Hokies find themselves being discussed on this page, and it is a fantastic source for keeping abreast of what is going on regarding the ACC. @ACCFootball is a subset of ACC athletics that focuses specifically on the football efforts of the conference. Like the aforementioned VT_----- Twitter accounts the ACC has a sub account for several conference sports.

I have listed Twitter accounts that speak to the larger athletic settings, but where Twitter truly excels is its ability to make individuals more accessible. Coach Fuente, Coach “Buzz” Williams, individual players, potential recruits (just read what recruits say – don’t tweet at them!), and other stakeholders often have their own personal accounts that fans can follow.


Hokie Sports:

Instagram focuses exclusively on visual media. The official account of VT athletics provides incredible photographs and videos capturing exciting moments and exclusive interviews about Hokie sports. There is no better way to have access to a visual library of what the Hokies have accomplished than on Instagram. Instagram is probably my favorite social media platform. It is fantastic for all things sports, but even past that there are fantastic accounts that share remarkable photographs and videos.

Hokies Football:

Another official account with a specific athletic focus. All the things I said above regarding Hokie sports is applicable, but the sole focus is football. There are some truly exciting images and video highlights shared on this account. Some of my favorite pieces are throwback photos, like this one of a young Kam Chancellor. If you only follow one social media account follow Gobbler Country on Facebook, but if you follow two… well then follow us on Twitter… BUT, if you follow three… Follow this one!

I mean… I have an Instagram account too… @jayjohnson09, and there is some VT stuff shared from time to time, but mostly it is memes and pictures of snails… and flowers. Seriously, I have some amazing photographs of snails.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are not partaking in the social media offerings regarding the Hokies you are truly missing out on tremendous content. I strongly urge you to put aside any reservations you have regarding social media and enjoy what it offers.

All the accounts I have listed above are available online, but where they really excel is on mobile devices. If you have a smartphone or tablet and you are not already following all or some of the accounts I have mentioned you are truly missing out on some unique fan experiences, which are available to you regardless of where you are or what you are doing.

As always… GO HOKIES!!!