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Andre Kendrick Weighs In On The Michael Vick Debate

There has been online controversy surrounding Michael Vick’s election to the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame. A former teammate would like to offer his thoughts on the situation.

Andre Kendrick #4...

If you are active at all on “Hokie social media”, you probably noticed the controversy with Virginia Tech’s recent announcement of Michael Vick’s induction to the school’s H.O.F.. There have been online petitions from both sides, and the university came out with an official statement defending their decision.

I thought it would be interesting to hear from one of Michael Vick’s teammates, running back Andre Kendrick:

“Its no question that Mike Vick deserves to be in the VT Hall of Fame, not to mention the College and NFL as well. We are talking about a man that changed the game at the qb position, as well as the culture everywhere he went. We all make mistakes and I feel Mike has done everything a man could do to change his life for the positive. It baffles me that EVERYONE in this world has done something, exposed or not, that they are not proud of, but we continue to beat this man up. Its Ok VT has spoken and is to be commended for them seeing the good despite the pressure of mostly non Hokies....And to the "Hokies" that have a problem with this please find another team to root for, because Us "Real Hokies" are a Family and we support and forgive our Own...HOKIES 4 LIFE”

-Andre Kendrick

There is a ton of negativity on facebook and twitter about Vick, who continues to be polarizing even after his career has ended. I think that Andre pretty much nailed it on the absolute head for me, and does the same for many other Hokies. I’m anxious to hear your thoughts about it.