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Controvery Continues to Haunt Vick and the Hokie HOF

The future induction of Michael Vick into the Virginia Tech athletic Hall of Fame continues to create serious conflict.

NCAA Football: Battle at Bristol-Tennessee vs Virginia Tech
Mick Vick on the sideline at a the big game in Bristol
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The proposed induction of Michael Vick continues to generate controversy and often vitriolic commentary. As reported by the Collegiate Times (Tech’s campus newspaper), and the Roanoke Times along with other major news outlets, there is a growing list of people including an official statement by the Veterinary School (we share that with the University of Maryland) denouncing the induction.

Virginia Tech’s President Timothy Sands, and the Athletic Department remain supportive of the move. The growing number of signatories of the petition (It is unknown how many are Hokies) and the heat from the protests is unlikely to fade just because the administration of the school is currently on board with the decision.

The Gobbler Country Facebook page was even touched by the protests, with a public animal rights activist posting an atrocious picture of a torn up pit bull to attempt to prove some point. We were compelled to remove the picture and deal with the ability of the poster to continue such activity.

There isn’t an official GobblerCountry policy regarding the induction of Michael Vick into the Hall of Fame. We all, here at this publication, are very aware of the grave nature of blood sports. Michael Vick paid a steep penalty for raising dogs for fighting. Yes, the subculture from which he came and operated still exists. It has for hundreds of years (actually thousands). Vick has served a sentence in federal prison - no it wasn’t a garden spot as some people have falsely noted- which if you check was far above other such sentences meted out. He, since then, been working tirelessly to try to put a stop to the blood sport culture. To educate people about the cruelty of the activity. One can ask little more from a contrite, heavily punished man.

At some point the Michael Vick jersey banner, and Hallway in the Merryman Center would lead to Vick’s consideration for induction. One would hope that Michael Vick’s accomplishments as a Hokie, and his impact on the football program as a whole would not be completely poisoned because of a non-related mistake. The vitriol wasn’t unexpected by this writer. We will see how this process unfolds.