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Virginia Tech Equipment Teases New Gear

Throughout the summer, Virginia Tech Equipment has been leaking some of the new looks for 2017.

Tiger Woods Announces Indefinite Break From Golf Photo by Getty Images

Virginia Tech and Nike have had an excellent partnership. They make cool gear. Virginia Tech wears said gear. We have some excellent “alt” looks, and Nike gives the Hokies an update every football season. There may not be uniform or helmet design updates, but the coaches and players always receive the freshest of the fresh. Virginia Tech Equipment handles all this excellent swag, and gives us a glimpse through their twitter account.

They had just received some shoes for the 2017 season, and boy are we jelly. They gave a sneak peek for what was in the boxes with this tweet:

The cleats look sick. I dig the shorts. The hat kind of threw me back. It reminded me of that Simpsons episode when Homer got design his own car. He included a “nifty racing stripe”. That appears to be the case here. All the other clothes look like home runs for a guy like me. I’m a middle aged, middle class fan who is always on the lookout for stuff I can wear to Publix. So far, this one is my favorite:

Make sure to follow Virginia Tech Equipment at @VTEquipment , so if you see something that will look good in the produce section, hit me up!