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Should the A.C.C. Consider Divisional Realignment?

Florida State, Louisville, and Clemson all reside in the Atlantic division. Who will be the first to make the playoffs from the Coastal?

Miami v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

The A.C.C. is slowly gaining on the S.E.C.. Some would argue the A.C.C. has eclipsed the S.E.C. in prestige. Florida State and Clemson winning national titles certainly helped that. Louisville boasting the reigning Heisman trophy winner helps that. One word of caution for the A.C.C.: Don’t be afraid to realign the divisions. The S.E.C. west has been described as the “toughest division in the toughest conference”. The A.C.C. is in a similar pickle in the Atlantic. Florida State, Clemson, and Louisville all could make a run to this year’s playoff. Alabama, L.S.U., and Auburn all could make a run to this year’s playoff. Who won the S.E.C. East last year? Most folks don’t remember. The reality is that most casual football fans don’t remember that Virginia Tech almost spoiled the A.C.C. punch by upsetting Clemson in the championship game.

Online bookmaker Bovada likes the three Atlantic teams to win the national title. There is a huge drop off when it comes to the Coastal. I found it interesting that while Miami is favored to win the Coastal, they were even money with Virginia Tech to win the national championship (+6600). F.S.U. is the Vegas pick (+700), but interestingly enough, Louisville is favored over Clemson. There has been a ton of talk in S.E.C. country in regards to realignment. The A.C.C. should heavily consider this. Swap out Clemson for Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech is a pretty solid program. They compete for A.C.C. titles every few years. Clemson would add a top five team to the Coastal. Geography isn’t part of the equation here. Syracuse traveling to Tallahassee apparently isn’t a huge deal, so Georgia Tech going to upstate New York shouldn’t be either.

At the very least, it SHOULD make for a “win and in” scenario for the A.C.C. title game. Of course having the game in Jacksonville SHOULD be a great venue for all the F.S.U./Miami A.C.C. championship games (this never happened). What would your version of an A.C.C. realignment look like?