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Three Games That Will Decide the A.C.C. Coastal

It’s a throwback to the Big East, as Miami and Virginia Tech will decide the Coastal.

NCAA Football: Miami at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Tech @ Miami 11/4/2017

November 4th will loom large on the A.C.C. schedule. The Hokies will descend to south Florida to meet the Miami Hurricanes. There should be everything on the line for this matchup, the winner likely to be representing the Coastal at the A.C.C. championship. At media days, the press voted Miami #1, Virginia Tech #2, then a significant drop off to Georgia Tech. Many times the media is wrong, but in this instance, barring significant injuries, I feel they hit the nail on the head. The Coastal has been by far the weakest division in the A.C.C.. It is ripe for the taking, and Mark Richt, on the back of an amazing recruiting class, is looking to establish dominance. Richt has the ‘Canes on the right path, but in the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friends.” Miami’s home field “advantage” is laughable, and both teams are in dire need of a quarterback. At this point, the game is a coin flip.

Pittsburgh @ Georgia Tech 9/23/2017

When the Panthers head to Atlanta early in the season, they will be facing a Paul Johnson crew looking for redemption. 2016 was rough for the Yellow Jackets, and Pitt had a better year than most expected. It will be a great road test for Pat Narduzzi, but Pitt has shown a penchant for excellent performance on the road. Look no further than the 2016 upset at Clemson. This game is key for one of the outsiders to make a move to the top.

Duke @ North Carolina 9/30/2017

This isn’t just a good basketball game anymore. This game will show us a couple things. Can Larry Fedora continue the excellent rebuild, or can David Cutcliffe continue to impress by fielding a competitive Duke team? This game in particular should sort the middle pack and show which program is built for the long haul. I consider Duke the Stanford of the east coast, and Cutcliffe deserves a medal for his tenure. The academics alone make this job a nightmare, and recruiting North Carolina is meh at best.