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Josh Jackson Becoming A Leader

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Latest tweet shows team embracing Jackson as “the man”.

Lane at Night

If you know anything at all about football, you understand that the quarterback wears many hats. They have to produce results. They have to win the respect of their teammates. They have to demonstrate the ability to lead in the most adverse of conditions. The position always gets too much credit and too much blame. Josh Jackson was recently anointed the Hokies’ starter, and if the following tweet should be accepted as truth, then the Hokies have truly found their man.

The last time the Hokies had a true freshman take snaps worked out pretty well. Tyrod Taylor was the best player not named Michael Vick to stand behind center. I’m nowhere near holding Jackson to this scrutiny, but I will say this:

“If there is one thing Justin Fuente knows, it is quarterbacks. He sees something really special with Jackson.”

That alone should make most Hokies feel good about beating the hell out of West Virginia.