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Virginia Tech Should Have Beat Tennessee

The Hokies were up 14-0, then gave it up like a prom queen.

NCAA Football: Battle at Bristol-Tennessee vs Virginia Tech

Every year about this time, I watch every game. I watch the highs, the lows, and everything in between. The game that mattered the most for me was the Battle At Bristol. It was important because of the natural geographic rivalry. It was important because I absolutely love the city of Bristol. This game was decades in the making and to see it was like seeing a unicorn in its natural habitat. This is a perfect example of Virginia Tech shitting the bed on the biggest of stages.

The last time Virginia Tech had a national audience was in 1999. The Hokies were in the national championship game, and we were leading in the fourth quarter. We lost that game. With the Battle at Bristol, we were leading 14-0 at the end of one quarter. Tennessee knew they were going to win that game and they did. Let me me repeat that. We were up 14-0, and all the momentum was on the side of the Hokies, and we lost. My suggestion to Coach Fuente is pretty simple: Win these games. Win the bowl games. Beat WVU. If you can do that, then we have our guy. If not, I’ll see you at USF or any other programs that are not quite good enough.